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Jun. 11th, 2007


Live Journal's only Sonic Underground Exclusive RP

I would like to introduce, “You Can’t Own Everything.” Live Journal’s one and only Sonic Underground Exclusive Role Play. Set two years after the end of the series, the siblings are just about to turn 18 and stuck deep within the war against Robotnick. Hoping to get to Mobodoom in time to met their mother in what they hope could be the reunion that will help turn the tide against Robotnick and finally end this almost never ending battle for Mobius.

When their latest retreat for the Freedom Fighter’s gets invaded by Robotnick’s forces, the siblings begin to expect that they perhaps have a mole within their group and begin to investigate their friends and co-workers in hopes of finding whoever has been helping Robotnick invade their sanctuaries. With time running against them and the journey back to Mobodoom starts to catch up on them, the Siblings all begin to start having doubts not only about the war within Mobius but within themselves as well.

Can a well placed message from their mother, help guide them back onto the right path?

Located at su_rp this Sonic Underground role play is hopefully going to be a fun endeavour for all involved. If you’d like to join, please fill out the application located in the mod journal for the rp. Its located at su_rp_mod

Jun. 8th, 2007



Hi, I’m a newbie here and I thought I should do things properly and introduce myself instead of just lurking in the community. You guys can call me Krysta, and I’m not new to LJ or SU to be exact, though I must admit I never did see the end of the series. Can anyone recall if the group ever did meet up with Aleena?


However the reason I’m here for the moment other than sharing a love in SU is I’m looking for a couple things. Firstly I’m trying to find a MP3 file of the Song “Listen to your Heart” It’s in the episode called “The Last Resort” I believe. If anyone has it, I’d be grateful, my song collection isn’t the same without it.


Secondly I’ve been tossing around the idea of putting together a SU exclusive Role Play and am wondering if there’s an interest for it? Would anyone be up for helping to plot ideas and/or take on characters?

Jun. 2nd, 2007


I'm such a geek

I went to Anime North, Canada biggest anime convention.On Sunday, I cosplay as Sonia from SU

About 7 years ago, before I knew what cosplaying was, I made a Sonic Underground cosplay. It looked awfull but good practice. Now with a little more knowledge under my belt I completed the costume. I was suppose to meet up with a Sonic and Tail and hang out. Sadly, they didn't show. I still had fun cosplaying the caracter. A few of them took pictures of me. I wonder if they reconized the caracter.

Tell me what you think!


May. 11th, 2007


Another mp3

Hi again everyone!

Beautiful day up here in Canada! 22 degrees (that's Celsius) outside so I finally broke out my shorts.

I have another song for you! Here is the mp3 for "We're The Sonic Underground (Rock Version)" Anyway... this file isn't exactly the best sounding (tape hiss, a lot of it in the background) Anyway... if someone has access to some really good audio editing software, if someone could take out the "hiss" in the background. Or if someone can suggest preferably a free program that I can download which I can edit the hiss out, that would be greatly appreciated...


Here's the file:


Apr. 17th, 2007

Tails X


Hello Everyone

Its good to see that there are still groups of Sonic Underground fans out there. Anyway, I guess I should share some rarities with you all.

To save effort I'll just link you to Super's Sonic Underground Trailer (in German) and also the German Sonic Underground Intro.

I've got plenty of other stuff I could share but I've just formatted and have forgotten my FTP details.

Apr. 1st, 2007


For the benfit of others

From what I understand, some of you have problems accessing Megaupload, so I took the liberty of uploading "No One Is An Island" to a link on Send Space as well as this seems to be one that everyone can access.

So here is the Send Space link for "No One Is An Island," if you cannot access it via Megaupload.


So Enjoy! (If you coudln't before)

Mar. 30th, 2007


Song time!

Well, hello everybody.

I thought I should make mention that my name is Andy, I don't know, just dawned on me that I hadn't got that far and I've been here what, since the 1st of January. Hahaha. Anyway... I have another SU song file for all of you. If you guys have seen one of the episodes with Knuckles (I think it's the 1st part of "The Chaos Emerald Crisis) and the song is... "No One Is An Island"

No One Is An Island

Once again, Enjoy!

Feb. 28th, 2007


All Su English and French songs

Back in 2000, when I was in really into SU, I had downloaded all the french episodes ( real player). Thank you Solly for making it possible.

I also downloaded all the SU english songs and French songs and Queen Aleena monologues and sound bites, from various site like SU.net.
There was another big site,( I'm sorry buddy, I forgot the name of your site if you are reading this).

Anyway, you want it????????

I am willing to share, however I don't know how to share the files since it is quite a large folder.

If anyone could tell me that would be way awesome.

Feb. 25th, 2007


(no subject)

Good afternoon everyone!

Greetings from the "great Canadian north" on this Sunday afternoon. Although it's more of a sunny, spring day today.


I come bearing gifts this afternoon.

In more of my web surfing travels, I came across two more songs from SU.

I have "The Children Light The Way" From "Tangled Webs" and "You Can't Own Everything" from... I forget the episode.

Anyway... here they are and please let me know that you are downloading them. Thanks!

The Children Light The Way

You Can't Own Everything

Gtg, my social teacher is giving us an essay tomorrow and I have to finalize my plan.

Enjoy :)

Feb. 10th, 2007

running Pikachu


Episode 3, 4, 5 and 6 Download

It took 5 10 hours but China has graciously allowed me to access sendspace to upload episode 4 [edit] and 5! dakillahhas generously offered to upload episode 3, so that will be available to you all as well. :)

Without further ado, for your direct downloading pleasure from sendspace:

Episode 3 - Harmony or Something

Episode 4 - To Catch a Queen

Episode 5 - Mobodoon

Episode 6 - The Price of Freedom

Please let me know if you take this - at least tell me the link is actually working. It looked like it was timing out at one point. And if anyone wants to reupload this episode to another server for those who have trouble with sendspace, I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, if you missed the previous post, please go and read the information about a possible fanfic competition, and take the poll. :)  This community will only thrive with your participation guys. Maybe watching this episode will inspire someone! ^^


I was able to upload 5 too. Going for broke, I tried for 6 and SendSpace blew me a raspberry, said 'Goodnight Gracie!' and fatal errored me. We'll try again tomorrow. :)

[return of the edit]

dakillah has uploaded episode 3 and 6 for you all!    You lucky people, 4 eps to go ga-ga over. Enjoy! And thank you dakilah, for your time and effort! ^^

More eps to come. :)  Also, to cover my butt, after today, I'm coming back and f-locking the downloads page. I don't need lawyers after me.


Re: the fanfic competition, for those worried about time, I'm thinking more along the lines of April 1st (or something) being the deadline. As well, for those who face writer's block, I'll be offering episode-based prompts to help. Would that make a difference for some of you?

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