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Fans of Sonic Underground, unite here! Here there be episode downloads, episode summaries, quotes, MP3's, icons, screencaps (as soon as I can get them up), fanfic and fan art links, and more!

If You Post: Please use the tags: fanfics, art, icons, banners, wallpapers, links, downloads, MP3, musicvids, and youtube. If you have something else to provide, use common sense when choosing a tag, please. :)

You May Post: Anything related to Sonic Underground. NOT Sonic X, or any other version of the hedgehogs please, unless SU peeps make an appearance. There are other comms for that. Fanfics, fan art, anything I mentioned above, plus any and all show discussions are welcome and encouraged!

Regarding Feature Artists: If you have a FA recommendation, drop me a line at stormy1x2 at yahoo dot ca, or make a post to my personal journal, traveling_storm. Please provide the artist's name and a link to their work, plus why you think they should be recommended.

Regarding Downloads: If you download episodes or MP3's, it is good manners to comment and let the poster know. Slots fill up fast, and some file-sharing hosts are smaller than others. If enough people download, I'll upload to multiple file-sharing sites. I use megaupload primarily, and so far no one's complained, :) but Mooload is also an option. Howver if slots fill up (which tells me people are downloading) and no one is telling me, then I am going to start password-locking the downloads so I know what's going on. So, if you download, spare two seconds to post a 'Taking it, thanks' or something, so I can see where more uploads are necessary.

Also, there are some file-sharing sites I CAN'T access, since I'm in China and a lot of sites are blocked. If anyone else downloads an ep and decides to be a sweetie and reupload it at yousendit, zupload, mediafire, gigaspace or sendspace for members who can't access mooload or megaupload, I will be forever grateful to you and will do something for you in return. Not sure what, but definitely something. :)

DO NOT: Spam, flame or otherwise be a jerk. Do not make posts using l337 sp34k or you will get a warning. And please ask permission to do pimping for other comms - I take the time to ask mod permission. The least you can do is extend the same courtesy. I will most likely say yes, anyway.

I Am Looking For: Screencaps. My computer with my capping abilities died two years ago and I've been without it since. I have the eps, if someone will cap them so we can put them up for others.

If this community grows, I'll add more stuff here. Until then, this'll do. ^_^

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